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Shop Name Address Distance (Miles)
Jennings By Bear 4600 SW 41st Blvd Gainesville, FL 32608 5.2
Jennings Compound Bows 4600 SW 41st Blvd Gainesville, FL 32608 5.2
Fred Bear Sports Club 4600 SW 41st Blvd Gainesville, FL 32608 5.3
Fred Bear Museum 4600 SW 41st Blvd Gainesville, FL 32608 5.2
Alachua Farm & Lumber 14101 NW 145th Ave Alachua, FL 32615 11.7
Lil Nut Archery 150 NE Commercial Cir Keystone Heights, FL 32656 20.4
Newbreed Archery Inc 1474 State Road 100 Melrose, FL 32666 24.5

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